About:  Stud Poodles

Stud Poodles - Standard and Toy

In Australia poodles come classified in 3 varieties (sizes) which are Standard - taller than 15 inches or 38 centimetres from the ground to the top of their shoulders. Miniatures are between 11 inches or 28 centimetres to 15 inches or 38 centimetres and Toys are below 11 inches or 28 centimetres. Currently we have available only the largest variety - Standard, and the smallest variety - Toy.

Standard Poodles

Rusty is 2.5 years old, soundly constructed, excellent sound temperament, highly intelligent with a great desire to please, pure bred standard poodle from imported and locally bred lineage tested clear for many generations for the known genetic health issues in the Breed namely HD, SA, Thyroid, the incidence of gastric torsion or bloat is virtually non existing in his lineage, is a proven stud. He has produced highly desirable standard poodle, groodle and labradoodle puppies with all the good traits and health. He has only been bred to red, apricot and cream bitches and has produced healthy puppies of the same colours except he darken their colours.