About:  RED Standard Poodle


It is thought that the poodle originated from France, although this claim has been refuted by a number of other countries. The red colour of the poodle was a recent evolution first bred in East Germany before the Berlin Wall came down and is still rare worldwide. A red miniature poodle was imported by an American breeder in the 1980's. This imported German red miniature poodle was the fore father of the American Red Standard, Miniature and Toy poodles. This breed was known of 3000 years ago and is believed was originally used as a retriever of water fowl in northern Europe. It was thought that its name came from the German pudel, which means splashing in water. The breed still retains its watery past in its love for swimming. Puppies usually climb into their parents' big buckets of drinking water and submerge like a platypus on a warm day. The poodle was also a favourite of the French as it's wool coat could be clipped and shaped for the catwalk accompanying the models became the country’s national dog. Today’s poodles enjoy life as family pets, loving companions and show dogs both in the conformation and obedience show rings. Their high level of intelligence has made them on of the most easily trained breeds. The breed was first registered with the American Kennel Club in 1887. 

Poodles are very distinctive and unique-looking dogs,  They make ideal house pets because their non-shedding or low-shedding coats do not cause an accumulation of hair on furniture and carpet. They are easily identified by their woolly coats and long muzzles, not to mention their luxuriously big, floppy ears. You can also get miniature and toy poodles which were bred from the original standard size or "variety", which are again easily identified by their woolly coats and also by their very sweet, intelligent elegant expressions. The standard poodle has a special elegance about it, is highly intelligent, well built , aristocratic and very "pretty". The coat is generally curly and dense with a deep texture. The Poodle is an exuberant and active dog often used in circuses for their inherent desire to perform and be the centre of attention, is very loyal and loves attention. To earn a praise it will excel in it's obedience. Its coat does not shed much at all, making it the perfect pet for allergy sufferers. The pure wool coat of the poodle does not omit any "doggy" smell unlike the rest of the canine relatives.

The poodle has a number of traits that gives it a reputation as a very good family pet. This breed is loyal, loving, highly intelligent and has a very happy disposition. The pleasant and amicable nature of poodles is coupled with a calmness and dignity that appears aloof that give them their unique character. This breed is good with children and with other pets, although the toy and miniature poodles tend to be a little more boisterous than the standard poodle, a dignified genteel version of the smaller varieties.

The standard poodle will grow to around 21-29 inches (55cm to 70 cm) or  in height, and the weight will typically reach approximately 45-70 pounds (20 kg to 45 kg).

Standard poodles are active and energetic animals, however if you sleep all day your poodle will sleep all day as well - a true companion dog. It therefore thrive best in an environment that includes a yard or garden in which to play and exercise. This breed can be kept in an apartment providing the poodle is regularly exercised and encouraged to be active. Restricted exercise would be throwing a tennis size ball to be retrieved on a regular basis at least once daily.

Grooming:  The luxurious coat of this breed will need to be clipped or scissored every 4 to 6 months or clipped short more frequently for a working dog to keep it looking immaculately trimmed.

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