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Our Lawful fettered right to have up to 75 dogs (not including puppies under 3 months) and unlimited cats
17 Buccan Road, Buccan, TEL. (07) 3200 5262   www.thebigpoodle.com puppies@thebigpoodle.com
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Trevor Croll in front of his licence Waterford Boarding Kennel and Cattery kennel with puppies and their mothers.

Waterford Boarding Kennel and Cattery is a license business with a fettered License Number 119 established since 1973 for 75 dogs and unlimited cats, boarding and breeding kennel. The spacious triple secured brick kennels situated on 1 acre is an ideal kennel for boarding your dogs while you are away on holidays. Kennels are cleaned twice daily and disinfected. Dogs are exercised twice daily. 


Poodles we breed (red, apricot, black, brown)


Trevor Croll's Poodles are an ideal house pet for many reasons:-
1. These Quality puppies are the progeny of imported quality poodles, disease free genetically clean poodles.
2. Colours include Red, Apricot, Black and Brown.
3. All puppies are sold entire, after vet checked, vaccination, micro chipped and wormed every 2 weeks and flea free. 
4. Poodles have pure wool coats, non allergic, do not shed hair which keeps your house and furniture free from dog hair.
5. Poodles are loyal, highly intelligent, original retrievers, the oldest bred companion animal making them very attentive, loving, clean and respectful pets.
6. Poodles' coats are versatile and may be clipped or scissored to many different appearances, fancy poodle clips, teddy bear look, working dog clip, and even lion clips and many variations.
7. Poodles do not smell like other dogs making them perfect company to for every home.
8. Poodles are good guard dogs, used by UK and USA Police for drugs and cadavers detecting, excellent for home protection with sensible and ferocious growls providing security warnings.
9. These poodles are primarily descendents of  the world famous NEIGER poodle brown and red/apricot lines. which were stolen and sold overseas for some $5million. 

 Standard poodle puppies now available in dark RED, dark BROWN, APRICOT and BLACK

Non Shedding Pure bred red standard poodle These are typical of our red and apricot poodles. 
We now have available 3 x red males and 2 x apricot males. 

Email: puppies@thebigpoodle.com for more information or call (07) 3112 1802.



8 to 12 weeks old Vet checked, vaccinated, micro chipped, wormed every 2 weeks, trained 


Ideal house pet as non shedding means the furniture and floor is not covered in hair. They are also low allergenic so are safe for people with asthma unless you are allergic to pure wool. 

Owning a Poodle is like having a child who does not answer you back, obedient, affectionate and does not require attention regularly as well as an alarm system and guardian for your home and family members. 



BLACK PUPPIES from Brown dad and black mum  8 - 12 week old puppies available




Non Shedding Pure bred red standard poodle. Our beautiful red girls.


Red is a girl -  for more information or call (07) 3112 1802

Scarlet is a girl -  for more information or call (07) 3112 1802